Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Jesus Trail - 8 Days

Day 1
Drive to the cliff of Arbel for the lookout viewpoint.
Hike by foot to the excavation of the ancient town of Magdalen and visit the archaeological site.
Continue the walk through to Kibbutz Ginosar over the old village of Ginosar and visit the ancient first century Jesus Boat at the Yigal Alon Museum.
Take a boat ride to Capernaum and enjoy a St. Peter's fish lunch.
Visit the archaeological site of Capernaum, the town of Jesus.
Hike to the village of Bethsaida, the birth place of St. Peter and St. Andrew.
End the day watching a movie at The Galilee Experience, Tiberias.

Day 2
Visit the old city of Tiberias, including the Seat of Herod the Great and The Pilate's Court.
Drive to Coursi and visit the site.
Drive to Kibbutz Ein Gev to meet and go fishing with the modern fishermen of the Sea of Galilee.
Enjoy lunch at a real Kibbutz communal dining hall.
Hike up Mt. Hippos-Sussita of the Decapolis with the site digger.
End the day watching the sunset from the mountain.

Day 3
Drive to Banias - Caesarea Philippi.
Visit the site of the giving of keys to heaven and earth and visit palace of Agripace II.
Hike to Tel Dan and visit the ancient city of the Dan tribe and alter of Yoram, son of Nabat.
Lunch at Kibbutz Hagoshrim / Kibbutz Dan.
Visit the Katzerin Visitors Center, and if schedule allows, watch film.
Drive to Yardenit via the Golan Heights.

Day 4
Drive to Jerusalem via Nazareth with a brief stopover there.
Drive to the Mt. of Olives’ lookout viewpoint over the old city.
Hike from the Mt. of Olives to the Gethsemane Garden and via Kidron Valley to the Western Wall.
Lunch box.
End the day talking to the wall about a nicer world (Prayers and input of notes in the wall).
Day 5

Visit the city of David and Hezekiah's Tunnel to the Pool of Siloam.
Walk to the southern steps museum (Davidson Center) and watch a film.
Walk to The Lions Gate via the Eastern Wall and visit the Pool of Bethesda and the acoustic Church of St. Anne.
Have lunch at the old city.
Walk via Delarosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
Return to Jaffa Gate to watch a laser show at the Citadel Museum.

Day 6
Drive to Anatot, the birth place of the prophet Jeremiah located on the edge of Judea Desert.
Walk the Vadi Kelet path and visit the birth place of the first monastery.
Drive to the Good Samaritan museum to view mosaic arts.
Lunch at Komerann.
Visit an archaeological site.
End the day with visit to the Dead Sea.

Day 7
Wake up before dawn and drive to Masada to witness the sunrise from the mountain over the Dead Sea.
Visit site and learn about the dilemma of the Jewish rebels and the splendor of the building of Herod's Palace.
Drive to Ein Gedi and hike the trails that King David hid from King Saul.
Visit desert farmers at Kibbutz Almog that make the desert bloom. 
Day 8
Drive to the beautiful oasis of Ein Ovdat and hike the trek.
Visit the home turned museum of the first PM of Israel, David Ben Gurion.
Visit the tomb of David and Paula Ben Gurion.
Have a chat about the experiences of the week.